Commercial Painting Expense Plan

A large part of management is creating a budget plan for job scopes. You want to have a clear idea of costs for your commercial painting project.  It is important to go over the details with the contractor, changes can always be made to accommodate the budget plan. At Productive Painting, we will work with you every step of the way to maximize your resources for your commercial painting project.

Factors of an Expense Plan for Commercial Painting

  1. Calculated Square Footage to be Painted
  2. Coats of Paint required – Priming Surfaces, one to two coats (depending on surface)
  3. Machinery Required – will be an added expense in the budget if lifts, cranes are required

Creating an Expense Plan

  1. Contractor will provide the cost based on square footage, materials and labor.
  2. Management can choose to have contractors come in and provide quotes; or management can choose to set a cost cap, then determine which contractors work for your budget.
  3. Leave room in your budget for any unforeseen issues, or changes made on managements side (deciding to change paint colors, or adding to the job scope)

Commercial Painting Services | Productive Painting Monmouth County NJ

At Productive Painting, we pride ourselves as an experienced commercial and industrial company. We have the expertise and professional painting experts to fulfill the needs of our clients. 

We work closely with the Project Managers, Facility Managers and General Contractors from the time of estimating to project completion. For efficiency and client satisfaction, the painting contractor will review the job scope before the work commences. Our company ensures all materials and machinery are on the job-site at the beginning to allow for a smooth job process.

Our commercial painting services are available to Wall NJ and the surrounding Monmouth County area. We offer interior as well as exterior commercial painting.

Productive Painting can accommodate any size project. We have worked on everything from office buildings to nursing homes, retail stores, strip malls, HOA/condominiums, warehouses and other commercial projects.