If you own a commercial business, its appearance is important. In a competitive business world, you need to do everything you can to attract customers. You also need to create an effective work environment. Customers are more likely to return, and employees work better when the space around them is attractive and welcoming. For both offices and retail stores, a pleasant atmosphere can increase employee satisfaction and productivity. To easily create a space that makes everyone more comfortable, consider a fresh coat of paint. The color of the paint on the walls can actually make a big difference in the atmosphere of a space. If you need any help deciding which color or shade can most benefit your business, ask a commercial painter. Just like you, when they need specialists for commercial painting, Ocean County business owners only want the best. They only hire professional painters with experience and training.

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Commercial Painting Ocean County | Create Atmosphere with Color

Different colored walls can create different atmospheres, and can energize or calm and nurture. To create a calm atmosphere, try using colors found in nature. In a busy, fast paced work environment, blues and greens can bring some natural colors inside. These colors create a calming environment, and can help people who might feel overwhelmed by stress. Pastel or lighter colors are the best choice for darker spaces with fewer windows and less natural light. Always keep in mind existing carpets and furnishings when you decide on a paint color. For expert color advice, call a professional commercial painting specialist.

Commercial Painting Ocean County | Grays

There are many colors that can create a positive work environment without being hard on the eyes. If beige seems boring, or just a darker shade of white, gray has grown tremendously in popularity recently. With innumerable shades with different colored undertones, gray can have many different subtleties. Green undertones can create a relaxed atmosphere, and work well if you already have green in your décor. Blue-grays are also growing hugely popular as they create a peaceful, neutral feeling without being a dull, boring gray. Because there are so many hues, the right choice of gray can complement any existing color scheme or design style.

Commercial Painting Ocean County | Use Bright Colors Sparingly

Bright colors like reds and oranges, and some yellows are invigorating and energizing, but take care not to overuse them. These colors are best when you use them for accent walls or for pops of color in small spaces. Accent walls can add an explosion of color without being overwhelming. Also, use them in hallways or in employee kitchens to brighten up their mood in the middle of the day. There is no doubt that these colors can refresh and revitalize but too much can actually be a little stressful. The goal is to brighten and enliven the space without making it too much visually.

To make a beautiful space, you don’t just have to stick with traditional white. With so many hues and shades of each color to choose from, you can create the perfect atmosphere. You know your commercial business better than anyone, and whether retail or office, the atmosphere your customers and employees will appreciate. A fresh coat of paint can transform your space from drab and boring to calm and refreshing. Or it can make it lively and invigorating. Choosing just the right color can seem daunting, however, so do not hesitate to consult with a professional. For your project that requires professional commercial painting, Ocean County experts can help with all aspects of the job. Don’t delay, call for a free estimate today.

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