The exterior of your home is exposed to the elements all year long. Battering winds and precipitation take a toll on your home’s hardscaping, roof and siding. Over time, roofs and siding collect dust and dirt which can attract mold and mildew growth. If your home is looking dirty and dingy, pressure washing can restore your home to its former beauty. Mold and mildew growth can actually harm the materials of your home’s exterior. Washing this growth away can protect your home from the damage it can cause. Your home’s hardscaping can benefit too, as washing paths and driveways keeps them in good condition. Always leave house washing to professionals, however, as you can harm materials with too much pressure, or injure yourself. To restore the appearance of your home and driveway, call a Bergen County power washing company. Calling the experts guarantees your safety, and that of your property.

Bergen County Power Washing

Bergen County Power Washing | Restore Concrete Driveways

All year long, your concrete driveway is suffering under the effect of the elements. Concrete driveways are especially susceptible to damage from the salt and sand used to clean roads. During the winter, you are constantly driving these snow melting materials onto your driveway. Over time, they can have a damaging effect on your driveway’s concrete surface. Heavy rains and snowfalls also take a toll as excess water collects on your driveway. This excess water can cause pitting and cracking and encourage mildew and mold. Oil and gasoline spills not only look unsightly but also damage surfaces. Power washing cleans your driveway and protects it.

Bergen County Power Washing | Clean Siding

When your home is dirty and dingy, it can detract from your entire property. It is hard to showcase even the neatest grass and prettiest flowers when the siding is filthy. Cleaning your home’s exterior greatly improves its curb appeal and coming home to a beautiful looking home can lift your spirits. Power washing your siding also protects it and keeps it strong. Just like hardscaped areas, siding can become mold-infected because of excess moisture. If you don’t periodically clean away the dust and dirt that attract mold, your home’s siding can suffer. Mold and mildew can actually eat away at siding, leaving cracks, pitting and holes.

Bergen County Power Washing | Call a Professional

Power washing your home and all the hardscaped areas makes it look better and keeps it healthier. But if you do not know what you are doing, you can do more harm than good. You do not want to clean off dirt, dust and mildew at the expense of roofing materials and siding. Unfortunately, this is what happens to many homeowners every year. Too much pressure can pit and damage siding, bend soffits and blast off tiles, flashing and shingles. Even worse, many homeowners suffer injuries from trying to power wash their own home. Always call a professional to protect yourself and your property.

When your home looks unattractive, dirty and dingy, call a professional contractor to clean it for you. Calling a professional ensures a better cleaning, and a safer one. Every year homeowners suffer from falls from ladders or even skin lacerations because they don’t have the necessary tools or training. Professionals know just the right pressure to use in every situation, whether cleaning concrete, delicate siding or roofs. They can clean up oil and gas spills in your driveway which not only look unsightly but can damage the surface. Your home and driveway can look restored and refreshed when you call a Bergen County power washing company. Eliminate dust, dirt, stains and mold with just one quick call.

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