Are you looking for a contractor for residential painting in Ocean County? Choosing a good painting company to paint your home can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never hired anyone before. If you search for residential painting contractors in Ocean County, you’ll come across a bunch of companies that all claim to be the best. When choosing one, you will want to be an educated consumer. Below are some tips to help you find a good contractor for your Ocean County residential painting project.

Residential Painting in Ocean County | Explore Different Options:

Residential Painting in Ocean CountyThere’s no shortage of resources available to you when you’re trying to locate prospective painting contractors, but there’s also no guarantee that any of the random names you’ll find while searching the web will be reputable contractors. It’s key to  know where your best resources are if you’re going to start the process off the right way.

The best places to start when choosing a residential painting contractor include:

  • Referrals from a friend or family member
  • Your local Better Business Bureau website
  • The Painting & Decorating Contractors of America’s Find-A-Painter website
  • Reputable online review sites like Angie’s List 

Generally speaking, the highly reviewed contractors you’ll find on these websites tend to be more quality-conscious and are more concerned with exceeding their customers’ expectations.

Ocean County Residential Painting | Get Multiple Quotes:

After you’ve selected a few companies that have piqued your interest it’s time to get quotes.  It’s always a good idea to get multiple quotes for comparison purposes.  Avoid the temptation of choosing a prospect simply because they have the lowest price, as that is by far the most dangerous way of selecting a contractor.  But a little healthy competition never hurt anyone and it helps to keep prices at a reasonable level.

A good rule of thumb is to collect three quotes before making your decision.  Now, you may have to contact more than three companies in order to get your three quotes because some of them may be back-logged with work and, unfortunately, some of them are just not very good at returning phone calls or emails.

Residential Painters in Ocean County | Interview The Contractors:

Ocean County Residential PaintingOne of the biggest reasons why people end up dissatisfied with their contractor is that they didn’t know the right questions to ask before they made their decision.  When you meet with your contracting candidates you should treat it like a job interview.  They are literally interviewing for your job so don’t be afraid to ask tough questions.  The time to find out information about your contractor is before you hire them, not after.

If you’ve done your homework up to this point you can assume that anyone giving you a quote is probably a reputable contractor, so be respectful when questioning them.  But if they’re too proud or too busy to take the time to answer questions about the things that are important to you now, then you can probably also assume that they will be too proud or too busy to take the time to address your concerns during and after the project.

Ocean County Residential Painters | Check References:

Your final act of due diligence in choosing a painting contractor is to check their references.  Any contractor worth their salt will have a complete list of references they will provide you with so you can check out their work for yourself.  Now you can choose with confidence.

Looking for the Best Residential Painting Contractor in Ocean County?

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