While some painting jobs are fine for a DIY project, there comes a point when it’s a good idea to hire professional residential painters in Union County. Below are some instances when you should call a pro for painting services instead of attempting to tackle the job yourself.

Residential Painters in Union County | Wallpaper Needs to be Removed:

Wallpaper has to be properly stripped before you can paint or the surface won’t be smooth.

Residential Painters in Union County NJResidential Painters in Union County | A Lot of Prep Work:

If there are layers of old paint that are peeling or chipping, or holes or major cracks in the walls, you could spend days prepping. And homes built before 1978 may have lead-based paint. In that case, hire a pro who’s certified in lead removal by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Painting Company in Central NJ | Ladders are Involved:

More often than not, painting jobs calls for ladders and certain equipment. Painting professionals are not only trained to operate special tools but are accustom to working safely and timely on a ladder. Without training, a project requiring scaffolding or ladders should be passed on to a company or individual with significant experience.

Union County Painting Contractor | Big Project:

Taking a brush to a scuff on the wall is not comparable in scope to repainting the exterior or multiple rooms of your home. Not only are these projects time consuming, but they can be extremely chaotic if not completed quickly. Even if you have minor painting experience, the simplest of projects can become a disaster. In order to make quality change to your home, consider hiring help.

Painting Service in Union County | Tedious Details:

Decorative crown molding and chair railings are reasons to steer clear, especially when you want them to be a different color than the walls.

Union County Residential Painting | Heavy Lifting:

Moving heavy furniture to another room isn’t easy. And if you have a piano, consider hiring a piano mover to prevent any damage as it’s wheeled from one room to another. Or move it to the center of the room and cover it.

Looking for Professional & Reputable Residential Painters in Union County?

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