Are you on the hunt for a reputable Union County commercial painting company? Commercial painting can be quite a big job, and it’s imperative to hire a company who can handle the amount of work while also doing a great job. If you’re looking for a commercial painting company in the Union County, check out the tips below for finding the right one.

Union County Commercial Painting Company | Ask Those You Trust:

The best place to start is often by asking other business owners in your area who they recommend. If you have friends that you know you can trust, find out who they have worked with in the past and how they felt the work was completed. Word of mouth is often the best way to find an excellent company to work with. If you don’t have anyone you can personally reach out to, go online. There are a number of review sites out there that will allow you to discover which Union County commercial painters have the best reputations, and which to stay far away from.

Union County Commercial Painting CompanyCommercial Painting Company in Union County | Do Some Research:

Once you have the names of a handful of companies to consider, it’s time to do some research. Ask for references from each company, and follow up with these prior customers to find out if they are still pleased with the work the company provided. Find out if the company has any required licenses as well as insurance to ensure that you are protected in the case of an accident. Check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure that there have been no formal complaints filed against the company. Find out how long the company has been in business, and if they belong to any national or local painter’s associations. The more background info you know about the companies you are considering, the better.

Union County Commercial Painters | Get Multiple Estimates:

After you have limited your options to your top three candidates, get a detailed estimate from each of them. These estimates should be relatively close in price. Any price that is extremely high or extremely low should be a red flag. A much lower rate may indicate that the company doesn’t provide quality work or isn’t doing things the right way, while a higher rate may mean you are paying more for reputation and clout than for the actual work.

Commercial Painting in Union County | Ask Questions:

There are a number of questions to ask that may not immediately come to mind. You will need to find out if the company will subcontract the work or perform it themselves. You should be very specific about the project and what you will need from them, and should actually walk them through the project site before making your decision. This will allow them to give you a more accurate quote, as well as to assess the actual scope of the project. Find out what products they will be using, and if there is any type of warranty or guarantees that go along with those products. These questions will give you a detailed look into what to expect from the company, as well as allow you to get a good feel for what type of company you will be working with.

Commercial Painting in Union CountyUnion County Painting Contractor | Pay Attention to Details:

Once you have made your decision, you should ask for a detailed written contract to review before the project is started. If there are any areas of the contract that you feel unsure about, ask for clarification. The contract should line out what exactly the job entails, details regarding preparation and cleanup of the job site, the estimated timeline of the project, and when payment will be collected. Be sure that you fully understand every detail, and make sure to check the fine print. This contract is what will protect you should something go wrong, so it’s important to verify that all of the information is correct and that all of your bases are covered.

Looking for a Great Union County Commercial Painting Company?

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