Are you looking for Middletown residential painting services? Exterior home painting is a great way to liven up an older property and cover up some of the minor damage that has occurred over the years. While sometimes getting a new exterior coat of paint isn’t just a nice idea, it can be necessary to help protect your home or prevent damage from increasing. Below are some signs that you should contact a Middletown residential painting contractor for your home.

Middletown Residential Painting | You’re Thinking About Selling:

Successfully putting a home on the market and selling it is all about curb appeal, and nothing improves curb appeal more than a new coat of paint.  Even if you might not get 100% of the paint investment back in terms of the final selling price, an attractive recently-painted home is almost guaranteed to sell faster than a run-down “fixer-upper” property.


Residential Painting in Middletown | Your House is New:

Why would a newly-built house need a new coat of paint?  Because home contractors usually don’t put in much effort on the paint job.  In particular, the underlying primer is usually insufficient to last more than a couple years before warping begins.  Having a professional paint job to go with your new home can significantly increase its longevity.

Middletown Residential Painters | Paint Color Has Changed:

Do you ever wonder why your home’s exterior doesn’t look as vibrant as it once did? Even the most resistant paint will fade and change over time, due to UV light damage.  A fresh coat can make it look like you remember.

Residential Painters in Middletown | Damaged Paint:

Flaking, bubbling, or cracked paint isn’t only an eyesore – it also represents weak points in your home’s paint which can let in moisture and increase the chances of water damage or rotting.  Get a new coat to protect your home!

Middletown Residential Painting Company | Stucco Needs Patching:

It’s almost impossible to patch stucco and have it perfectly match the surrounding paint.  You’ll have much nicer-looking results if you go ahead and put on a new coat so that everything matches.

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