Paint can vary quite a bit in both color and quality. Did you know that there are some distinct differences between commercial and residential paints? It’s important to hire an experienced professional who knows the difference and uses only quality commercial paints for their commercial painting jobs. Below we will explain how commercial grade paint is different from standard paints.

Superior Coverage:

Quality Commercial grade paint is referred to “coverage”.  The higher-grade commercial paints have excellent coverage and are better at masking slight imperfections.   When professional painters talk about “coverage”, they’re referencing how well a paint shows or hides mistakes and imperfections. 

NJ Commercial PaintCoats of Commercial Paint:

Commercial paint colors differ from residential paints is in thickness. Commercial paints are typically thicker than residential-grade paints, which helps lower the cost of commercial paint jobs. If you need more than one coat of paint, you’ll have to pay for additional labor, which often costs more than the paint. Thicker paints are less likely to need a second coat as long as the color underneath is not too different.

Simple Cleaning

Manufacturers of commercial paints understand that their paints will go on buildings that see a lot of daily use, by far more wear and tear than residential properties. This means that the paint needs to be able to withstand scrapes and bulges without requiring immediate touch-ups. Commercial paints are the better option because they hold up better and they’re easier to clean when scuffed.

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