When’s the last time you’ve repainted your NJ home’s exterior? Your home’s exterior is the first impression that one makes when pulling up. Maintaining good upkeep on your property results in less maintenance in the end. Below we will go over the the top signs that it’s time to call a professional for NJ exterior painting services.

Signs That You Need Exterior Painting Services

Exterior Painting in NJPaint is Fading:

If you notice the paint on your exterior is fading or has a dull finish, a new coat or two coats of paint is recommended.  If cheap low-quality paint was originally used it may be one of the factors for your coat of paint to fade.  In many cases your paint fades just simply because it has already aged, which is a part of its natural life cycle. If you choose to repaint your home’s exterior the same color or select a new color; using a high-quality paint to ensure that your coat(s) of paint will last longer.

Blemishes, Dents and Surface Crackling:

Weather and other factors over time may result in your exterior having dents and cracks on its surface, blemishes happen with sun and slight abrasions, this could be a sign that you need exterior painting services. You should always take the steps to repair the damaged areas before repainting.  Paint will seep into the surface if not first repaired properly. If you notice surface crackling, take the necessary steps to remediate the issue before applying paint.

Looking for the Best Company for Exterior Painting Services in New Jersey?

Productive Painting offers professional, high quality exterior and interior commercial and residential painting services to the Central NJ area as well as other parts of New Jersey. With over 20 years experience, you can trust Productive Painting with all of your NJ commercial and residential painting and needs, as well as a variety of other expert services including power washing, gutter cleaning, wallpaper, drywall, carpentry, and more! For more information, call us at (877)298-9688 or check out our website.

NJ Power Washing & Painting Services

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