Interior painting price estimates require experienced, professional painters who know the difference between residential, commercial, and industrial painting.  At Productive Painting Company we are open and transparent about our fee structure because we have been in business over 30 years and are familiar with what our competitors charge.  We know our clients do not appreciate hidden fees appearing in the final costs.  We are confident that every bid we calculate with be comprehensive, competitively priced to be fair and transparent.  We are trustworthy and highly focused on quality results.  We want to earn your business today and all the tomorrows to come.


Residential costs include a precision estimate for time and price.  Exterior painting pricing is based on size square feet x condition of the surface.  Interior home estimate expects $2 -$6 per square foot.  Cost per room walls is about $350 – $850 with an increase in costs to include ceilings, baseboards, and trim. Bathroom painting is more costly than bedroom painting because of the cut in work around the shower, bath, and vanity. Removal and reapplication of towel bars will also increase cost.  Kitchen painting will reflect wall treatments and cabinet treatments separately.  If the home is a condominium, then permission from the HOA is needed to paint. Condition of environment adds to preparation cost and time since labor is 85 percent of the cost estimate. Interior cost calculator adds height of ceilings, width of walls, and length of room, minus the number of doors and windows.


The going rate for labor can be as high as $55 to $65 dollars an hour.  If your commercial property requires that the work be completed outside of normal business hours, labor becomes more expensive and can bump the price up to around $90 per hour.  Our company hires safety-certified painters that have extensive knowledge about structures, painting materials, tool operation, and techniques to complete the job in a professional manner.

This makes precision pricing includes cost and time.  A small job such as a couple offices and a hallway might take 2 painters a day to complete.  While a large job where hoists and other specialty equipment are used by a crew of painters would be a multiple day project.

Cost is estimated based on a careful inspection of the property, a determination of the square footage, and anticipation of unique complexities such as wall repairs.  An accurate bid saves money and reflects added labor for wallpaper application, shop fit out which includes material-related costs, special safety equipment for exterior walls, interior floor cleaning, wall preparation, and repairing all surfaces.   Exterior wall preparation can include power washing.  Power washing is cleaning service that is vital to a long-lasting painted surface and it’s something we include without extra fees.  However, it will cost an extra day since the surface must dry overnight before application of paint can begin.

While most jobs require traditional primers and latex paints, there are various other materials that come into play, such as textured finishes, electrostatic painting, decorative painting, and protective paints. Knowing how to work with these materials requires only experienced professionals.  From office space to warehouse, our years of experience will minimize disruption to the flow of your business.

Productive painting has worked in schools, restaurants, factories, corporate headquarters, government offices, apartment buildings, and hotels.  From brand new construction to rehabs to regularly scheduled touch ups, Productive Painting can handle every type of structure. The cost for professional commercial painting is around $1.08 per square foot for interior work and around $0.82 per square foot for exterior work.  That cost is based on two coats of paint for walls in good condition without extensive cleaning or repair.


Commercial painting focuses on aesthetics, industrial painting focuses on durability.  The four factors determining cost are surface area, type of paint, labor hours, and condition of the surface to be painted.  A comprehensive inspection of the property will render an estimate submitted as a bid for the job.  The parameters of the job must be clearly defined.  Walls, ceilings, trims, and number of coats will be calculated into cost.  Scraping, cleaning, caulking, priming, and repairs to surfaces will require extra labor.  Textured surfaces or drywall replacement will add to costs.  Specialty equipment like hoists, lifts, and cranes will add to costs.  To produce an accurate bid, six factors are considered:

  1. Accurately measure square feet
  2. Estimate time for prep work, application, and clean up
  3. Cost for special equipment like hoists, lifts, and cranes
  4. Cost for paint quantity and specialized type of paint (fire resistance, polyurethane, epoxy, alkyd, epoch, acrylic, or zinc-rich)
  5. Determine the size of the painting crew
  6. Add up the hours to complete the job and multiply by the company’s hourly rate

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