High-pressure power washing was the solution to exterior maintenance of homes and businesses for decades. This outdated method damages siding and penetrates the ceiling and walls of your home causing rot.  Water damage is an expensive repair.  Productive Paints Power Washing is a cutting-edge soft wash service with low pressure equipment and hot water.

Our detergents are plant and pet friendly.  We use mold inhibitors to preserve siding, so it looks it’s best for a longer period. Mold to mildew to algae, Productive Paints provide complete stain removal, long term durability, and appropriate care of various surfaces.  Have a Like New exterior whether your home is vinyl, wood, stucco, brick, or dryvit.  Residential and commercial properties benefit from Productive Paintings power washing to restore sparkling clean results.


The Mid-Atlantic climate drapes your home’s exterior with salt, mold, algae, mildew, and other debris that plummets curb appeal and harms the value.  In New Jersey, power washing is best done in spring through early fall.  Green stains and black streaks eat away at the roof shingles.  Gloeocapsa Magma, an algae-like bacteria, feeds on the asphalt in the roof shingles.  Roof washing is a cost-effective alternative to roof replacement.

Concrete surfaces include sidewalks, patios, porches, pool decks, and driveways.  Over time pollen, dirt and grime create a bed for algae and mold to proliferate.  This slippery film becomes a slip-and-fall hazard. Concrete is porous and stains seep below the surface. Power washing with hot water busts the bonds of grime to restore safety and curb appeal which cold washing just can’t achieve.

Bricks are a decorative asset with visual appeal, lasting value, and designed for high traffic areas. Brick pavers are a unique surface because of the combination of grout and bricks.  Power washing with hot water and soft washing prevents the destruction of the grout and penetrates the surfaces to effectively clean.

Decks are America’s favorite outdoor entertaining venue.  Firing up the grill in the fresh air adds ambience to the home and increases property value.  Hanging trees, sun exposure, and shifting weather conditions discolor your deck, and over time, damage the surface.  Stagnant surface moisture leads to mildew which is slippery and dangerous.  Annual power washing acts as an exfoliant for faded wood fibers and restores the beauty of the wood.


The curb appeal of a clean, well-maintained business exterior speaks volumes about the competency of the business.  An unkept business will repel customers as fast as a frowning receptionist.  Reputation management includes property maintenance and curb appeal.  The professionalism of Productive Painting Power Washing has set the new standard for exterior cleaning solutions to preserve the exterior surfaces and protect landscaping.  Productive Paints Power Washing is a cutting-edge soft wash service with low pressure equipment and hot water.

The daily traffic of multiple cars, exposure to varying weather conditions and environmental grime damage the parking deck.  Natural debris, salt, and spills accumulate to damage the parking area. Oil and auto fluids pool on asphalt and concrete surfaces eating into the top.  The resultant cracks and depressions on the deck surface require costly repairs and resurfacing.  Damage is unappealing to visitors and jeopardizes their safety.  As a commercial proprietor, accidents from slips and falls can lead to liability and lawsuits.  Parking decks need regularly scheduled cleaning. A clean parking deck discourages littering, stops surface damage, and prevents falls.  Cleanliness of the parking deck should never be dismissed, as professionals, Productive Painting Power Washing recommend annual cleaning to maintain peak performance.

Multi-unit tenants

Residential real estate is any multi-family property meant for living and sleeping.  Commercial properties are leased to tenants to generate income like offices, retail, industrial, and hospitality.  Commercial real estate proprietors usually contract out their janitorial services.  Overlooking the importance for spring cleaning including exterior power washing of the building, roof, and parking area will protect property values and prevent expensive maintenance repairs.

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