FLLW396 WRIGHT SPRING GREEN is the color of the year for exterior house painting.  The vibrant bold green is fresh and clean.  You can almost smell the meadow when you see your home enrobe in Spring Green.  People aren’t the only ones to appreciate the earthy aroma after an April rain shower.  Sweet clover (Melilotus officinalis) is a fragrant perennial herb, that is very attractive to bees, and which also flourish in meadows and pastures.  As its name suggests, Spring Green has a sweet scent that is reminiscent of newly mown hay.  Clover has a comforting scent that raises the spirits, and this has been recognized for some time in the 17th century, it was used in a bath water remedy for melancholy.  The crisp scent is why we feel rejuvenated as the clover of spring turns green.


Exterior Painting in Spring

Springtime is when the weather turns from messy to mild.  Spring is the best time to prepare the garden for planting and make repairs to the house after the winter storms.  Experts recommend that if your house needs painting that you kick this job to the top of your list. Spring is a very comfortable time to do outdoor painting.  It is smart to paint before putting down mulch, which along with your plants, will just get trampled if you paint later on.  Get your painting done before more pleasant distractions like gardening, sports, and barbecues begin.

Exterior latex paint forms the most durable, protective finish when the weather is mild.  It is always best to do exterior painting when the temperature is above 50 degrees F., but not too hot over 100 degrees F.  Very hot days can cause the paint to dry too quickly and impair good paint film formation that makes the paint durable.  By painting in moderate weather, you’ll likely get a longer-lasting paint job.

When painting, pick a day that isn’t too windy.  Like the heat of the sun, wind can cause latex paint to dry too quickly and prevent optimal paint film formation.  Plus, wind can stir up dust and other contaminants that can imbed in the paint to create an inviting surface for mildew, which feeds on such matter.  You should also try to steer clear of “weather events” that could affect the paint, waiting for another day if it has rained within the last 24 hours, or postponing the job if several days of rain are expected right after you finish painting.

Exterior Painting in Spring

Prepare Surface

It is important to properly prepare the surface before doing any exterior painting. That includes applying a coat of primer to any new surface that has never been painted, or spot-priming previously painted surfaces where the paint is worn away.  To extend the life of your paint job, Productive Paints recommends that you apply the very highest quality 100% acrylic latex paint, which is especially durable, flexible and colorfast.  Top quality paint often lasts 10 years or more, compared to about four years for ordinary paint, saving you time, work, and money in the long run. For the longest-lasting paint job, always apply at least two coats either a coat of primer and a coat of paint, or two coats of house paint.


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