Productive Painting works closely with the Homeowners Associations (HOA), Property Managers, and Board Members to create and execute a customized plan to ensure effective results for all condo and townhouse communities throughout Monmouth County NJ.  Our process begins with a detailed bid which ensures quick responsiveness to any questions or concerns, as well as working on the details of project specifications, materials, painting schedules, and a timetable.  From color consultation to color sample applications, we want to ensure the correct color palette is applied for guaranteed satisfaction.  We are equipped to handle projects from small private residences to large multi-unit condo complexes.


Homeowners Associations (HOA) Painting interiors

Approximately 73.9 million Americans live within a community that has an HOA.  Changing the permanent features of your house can be challenging or simply impractical.  However, can you change your interior paint color?  Don’t worry, with this guide; you can find out!  From consulting the HOA to appealing their decision, you can learn how to choose a color that will be approved.  Now, are you ready to get started?  Here’s an in-depth look at a few HOA painting guidelines:


What is an HOA?

An HOA is a homeowner’s association that was created for the maintenance and security of the property.    HOA can be restrictive.  Exterior paint, mailbox style, and landscape can be regulated.  The idea is to create a harmonious community appearance.  However, interior design can be restricted also.  Permissions need to be sought to alter the interior features.  HOA uses aesthetics as a marketing tool to entice buyers and increase purchases.




ALWAYS consult the HOA before you paint.   Set up a date and time to meet with the HOA.  Having a color Swatch present at the appointment will clarify the color selection.  Bring the paint name, brand, and finish (satin, eggshell, semi-gloss, Low VOC).  You may need to include the last time your property was painted and existing color scheme.   In New Jersey, provide the painting company, Productive Paints, and the date and time of the painting plan.



Approval can be immediate or by letter.  Clarify when to expect the approval when you set the appointment.  Remember that since harmony is a marketing tool for the property, crazy colors like purple, pink, or orange are usually not accepted.  Typically, neutral tones are approved.

If the HOA has a relationship with Productive Paints, they may feature a booklet or pamphlet of pre-approved colors for your selection.   This eliminates the need to consult the HOA.   You can just select one of the pre-approved colors without a lengthy process.





Compliance is important.  If you don’t follow the HOA rules, you will be fined.  Failure to pay the fine promptly will add violation fines to the cost.  Fines run from $50 to $100, typically.  Fines also continue to accumulate until the violation is corrected.   Fines can also be leveled for nonadherence with maintenance requirements.  For homes in disrepair with chipped paints, smoke stains, or old paint Productive Paints does not skimp on wall preparation before painting.  Lastly, even with repainting, you need to use a pre-approved color.




Appealing a rejected request takes patience but is not impossible.  HOA approved colors are strongly suggested but are not set in stone.  If the paint selections have not been updated in more than three years, talk to the HOA about the importance of modernity and design. However, if the design you want to plan is rejected again, try incorporating the pre-approved colors or changing minor details.  If the change is subtle, the effect will not be as obvious to guests and buyers.  Your home will fit into the neighborhood with unique specifications.




Once you’ve chosen your paint colors, hire an experienced painting company.  Productive Painting has top-rated professionals who can give your home a new style based on your budget.  Whether you need interior or exterior painting, call us today for a free quote.  We look forward to helping you!


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Homeowners Associations (HOA) Painting interiors

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