Do you know the last time you’ve had your commercial property painted? Ocean County commercial painting is a significant but necessary project that’s recommended to be done around every 3-5 years. While this is a general rule of thumb, there are some other factors that can contribute to having to repaint your building. As a business, putting off repainting can have its drawbacks. So what are some signs that it’s time for commercial painting in Ocean County, NJ? Read the article below to find out!

Ocean County Commercial Painting | Signs You Need to Repaint Your Commercial Property

You Haven’t Repainted in Several Years:

It is typically advised by professionals to get Ocean County commercial 3-5 years. However, this timescale varies greatly depending on the local environment of your business; if you’re situated in a colder or wetter climate, then refreshing your paint job happens more often than those located somewhere with milder weather which can go up to 5-7 years before needing to repaint.

Color is Fading:

Direct sunlight exposure and other environmental factors can cause paint to gradually lose its color. It isn’t always easy to notice the degree to which a surface’s pigment has faded, so it helps to keep a reference sample to place against your property. A photo taken after the latest paint job is a good reference. If you notice a significant difference between the two, it is time to start planning for a new coat of paint.

Commercial-Painting-in-Ocean-County-NJVisible Disrepair:

Protecting your building from the elements is essential, and a quality paint job plays an important role in doing so. Exterior paint works as a barrier for walls and siding to help keep out moisture. Aside from this, it shields against UV rays, extreme temperatures, fungi and more. If you notice signs of damage on your property exterior or interior walls though, then it’s possible that the current coat of paint isn’t offering enough defense anymore. Peeling paint on your building is a telltale sign that it’s time to contact a company for commercial painting in Ocean County. Without one, you’re leaving the structure exposed to potentially hazardous mold and mildew — not to mention rot, which can lead to further damage down the line. Don’t wait; get Ocean County commercial painting services sooner than later!

Cleaning Is No Longer Effective:

With the accumulation of dust and dirt, the exterior of your property can appear dull or faded. To ensure it looks its very best, it is recommended to arrange for regular pressure washing sessions. If you find that after doing this there isn’t a visible change in appearance, then maybe it’s time for another paint job!

You are Rebranding or Revamping Your Business Logo:

It is essential for your property, whether it be a business or home, to have fresh paint in order to maintain and project the desired image. This applies even more if you are rebranding your company. To ensure that any updates from the rebrand are properly reflected on your property, make sure its paint job stays maintained! Revamping the color scheme of your business logo is a great way to strengthen its image and make it more visible. With repainting, you can take advantage of this opportunity to align the colors on your property with those in your brand identity for an impressive look that will set you apart from other competitors.

Business is Not Going Well:

If you’re noticing a decline in customers and sales, don’t overlook the importance of your property’s aesthetic. Your building can be an influential factor when it comes to acquiring new clients; thus, its appearance is paramount for business success. Consider the lasting impression that your building will make on a customer. If it is kept tidy and up-to-date, then you can create an image of superior product or service quality. On the other hand, if customers arrive to see shabby walls in need of fresh paintwork, they may draw negative conclusions about what kind of business they are dealing with. Your location’s exterior appearance won’t be overlooked by your current customers, however a dull and worn-out facade will likely discourage new ones. People trust businesses that look prosperous and take pride in upholding their image.

You’ve Got an Extended Downtime Planned:

If you’ve made the decision to paint your property, it’s time to find a way that enables swift and efficient completion of this task. Ocean County commercial painting projects often require long hours which can disrupt regular business operations; hence why scheduling them for when your business is closed makes perfect sense! However, if closure is not possible due to holidays or vacation leave restrictions, then simply break down the project into achievable portions so as not to disturb normal working procedures. Skilled painters strive to meet the demands of clients while also doing their best to minimize interruptions in daily operations.

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