The landlord has the responsibility to paint the apartment he is renting out.  The renter can paint or renovate the apartment only if he/she has express permission from the landlord.  Having said that, the landlord isn’t required to paint his property between tenants, but most do for sanitation reasons.  Painting a rental property is at the owner’s discretion.  At the same time, most owners prefer to paint their apartment every 3-5 years and try to coincide with a turnover.  As long as the property looks safe and sound, there is no reason to paint apart from a few touch-ups.


Time Taken to Paint a 2 Bedroom Apartment

A 2-bedroom apartment takes 3-4 days to paint with a team of 2-3 people.  The time taken to paint a room depends on the following:


Prep Work

Interior painting starts with appropriate prep work, including covering or moving furniture, laying drop cloths, tape off certain areas, etc., which takes 30-60 minutes.  Cover everything that is not painted!  Place drop cloths on the floor or carpet.  This makes cleanup much more manageable.  It is also recommended you use painter’s tape to get that straight-edge look on trim and adjoining ceilings and walls.


Size of the Room

The size more or less determines how quickly the work is done.  An average room measures 432 sq ft, and it takes approximately 4-6 hours from prep work to clean up.


Painting Technique

Even though spraying is the fastest method, a combination of brush and roller is used for interior painting.  Go with lighter colors since darker shades, especially pink and red, are difficult to cover. Choose the type of paint with care.  With an apartment, the chances are that there are more flaws to hide or correct.  Flat paint works the best for uneven walls.  On the other hand, it is difficult to wash and accumulates dirt much more than glossier paint.


Number of Coats

The standard number of coats is two coats unless it is a darker color.  It takes 45 minutes to apply the first coat and less than 30 minutes to apply the second coat.


Final Touches

The cleaning up and the touching up work will take another hour.


Time Taken to Paint a 2 Bedroom Apartment

In case you are in a rental, it is always better to hire a painter. You do not want to lose your security deposit over a lousy paint job.  Remember, the cost to paint an apartment largely depends on the region and even on the zip code to an extent. So, ensure that you get estimates from multiple interior painters and choose the one who works the best on your budget.


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In the case of a rental property, you must talk with your landlord before painting.  Ensure that you discuss the colors with him.  Productive painting offers professional power washing and residential, commercial, and industrial interior and exterior painting services to the communities of Wall, NJ and throughout Monmouth County, NJ. Fully licensed and insured, Productive Painting Company is owner operated NJ LICENSE #13VH04439800.  Hours of operation Mon to Fri 8 AM to 5 PM and Saturday 8 AM to 1 PM.  Closed Sundays.

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