The mood of your business can be influenced by the colors selected on your building walls. They have a
way of influencing how your customers and employees feel when they come into your building.

Certain colors you choose can also help your employees focus more on their jobs and increase their
productivity. Below are some colors you can use on your retail/commercial building.

Black symbolizes authority, strength, or power. It can be quite overpowering if used in too many spaces
throughout the area. Use a black palette in moderation. You can also use it as a tone color.

Blue is usually associated with the sky and water; blue depicts feelings of peace and tranquility. Using a
variety of blue shades can help promote a calm, productive sense.

Gray promotes feelings of harmony in the work environment. It can also be used as an accent color to
be paired with any other color.

Green is a symbol of nature, and it can be used to promote the environment. This color is appropriate
for businesses in the financial industry because it encourages decisiveness. Green used in an interior
space creates a relaxing effect.

Red symbolizes excitement and urgency; it is a bright color that makes you feel energized. Also, red can
be used in gyms, and restaurants, because it motivates movement, passion, and improves appetite.

Orange / Yellow are associated with bright, cheerful moods; using these colors together in many cases
promote positiveness. For a calmer effect use lighter shades from each color palette (pastels).

White signifies purity or pureness. Using this color in your building expresses a pure and clean
environment. You can also use it as a blank canvas to promote other creative designs.