Your window trim faces the elements on a daily basis.  Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause the paint to fade, blister, or crack.  Wind and rain produce moisture that can seep under the paint and reduce adhesion.  When the water evaporates, it causes the paint to blister and peel.  If your window frames aren’t caulked properly, or the caulking itself is cracking, the frame, sills, and trim are exposed to even more moisture.  This can lead to wood rot, mold, and other water damage.


Window Trims

Take the trim back down to bare wood by removing the peeling and damaged paint.  Notice the caulking around your window frame.  Is it cracking or are parts missing?  Professional painting companies provide light carpentry services during the painting preparation stage to repair trim.

If the residue paint proves really stubborn, we can use a chemical stripper or heat gun.  We can tell you, from years of experience, either process requires extreme care, as they can damage both glass and sealants when applied improperly.  Once your window trim is down to bare wood, Productive Paints wipe it with a damp cloth to remove any particles such as dust and paint flakes.  This process leaves behind a little surface moisture, so we allow this to dry before continuing the process.

 Before proceeding with the painting, we caulk any damaged areas.  Applying caulk at the correct angle and making sure to get into every small corner and crevice is the most demanding part of this task.  Once we’ve re-caulked and allowed it to dry and harden, it’s time to proceed.  Your painters apply a high-quality primer to the bare wood.  Replacing your old windows with storm windows goes a long way in preventing the constant need to repaint and repair your window trim.  Using dehumidifiers helps prevent the buildup of moisture in and around your window frames.


Benefits of Window Frame Painting

Aside from damage repair and prevention, painting your exterior window frames provides a cosmetic and aesthetically pleasant look to your home.  White was always the go-to color for painting window trims, but not anymore.  Many homeowners now choose to paint their trims in a complementary or contrasting color to the exterior siding.  Your home’s general appearance is greatly improved.  You can take advantage of any trends in exterior paint colors and style at a time when you needed to repaint the exterior anyway.


Painting Window Frames

When you choose the frame color, you have many options.  Contrasting colors can make your windows seem to pop out.   Warm colors give you the classic look, especially when paired with white.  Cool colors against white or white frames on a cool house have that traditional New England look.  Of course, trim is one of those areas you can stylize when you choose a more traditional base color on the siding.  Match your frames to the landscaping or planters on the exterior, or the decor in the foyer on the interior.  Make a bold statement with pastels or other non-traditional choices.  No matter which way you are leaning, we are happy to help with a color consultation.


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