It has been proven through color psychology that certain shades can have a profound effect on workplace productivity. If you want to inspire your employees to feel more creative, focused, or balanced, it really can be as simple as repainting your office space.  The same principle applies to your home office.


Put color to work

The color you choose for your commercial space will depend on the kind of work environment you want to embody.  Creating a space that is calming and creative will require different colors than an office that wants to invoke a sense of urgency and fast-paced energy.  Below, you will find examples of different colors that will have unique effects on your productivity. .


Blue Imbues Efficiency

Blue is often said to be the most popular color in the workplace, as it invokes a sense of both efficiency and well-being.  When choosing the right shade of blue, you must be careful not to pick something that is too dreary or cool-toned, as it could come across as making your office feel cold or uninviting.


Gray Influences Order

Pale gray, beige, and other neutral colors create a sense of balance and focus on the workplace.  It keeps your employees from getting distracted and blends in easily with office furniture and other decorations.  Similar to blue, try to find a warm-toned gray to prevent the office from feeling dreary or cold.


Green Inspires Balance

Green is often seen as being harmonious and having a calming effect in office spaces, as it is associated with the outdoors and nature.  Additionally, green causes less eye fatigue than primary colors, making it beneficial for employees who may suffer from eye strain after looking at computer screens for long periods of time.


Yellow Increases Creativity

Yellow is a playful shade that gets the creative juices flowing.  It can be great for collaborative spaces, boosting memory retention and even happiness in the workplace.  To prevent eye strain in the office, try using yellow as an accent wall color or find ways to incorporate it into your furniture or interior design.


White Incites Cleanliness

White is a popular choice for medical offices and lobbies, as it invokes a sense of order and cleanliness.  There is a wide range of paint colors you can choose from for white, from clean, crisp, bright white to warm-toned ivory.


Red Implores Stimulation

Red is a stimulating color that has been proven to promote energy and action and can even increase blood flow.  Like yellow, red may be best used as an accent color because while it can invoke a sense of urgency and productivity, too much of the color red can increase stress levels and lead to eye strain.


How To Pick the Right Colors

Choosing the right office paint colors can be a difficult task, especially when trying to coordinate them with your existing furniture and decor.  There is a lot to consider when picking the right paint color, including color psychology, the size of your space, and the lighting in your office.


Follow the Lighting

The lighting in your office can also have an impact on the productivity levels of your employees and can also affect the appearance of your paint.  If you have cool, fluorescent lighting like many offices do, you may want to choose cooler colors such as blue, green, or gray.  Mixing warm paint colors with cool lighting and vice versa can make the space feel too dark or too bright.


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