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The key to making sure the paint job you are doing looks its best and lasts is proper preparation. All surfaces, whether it is the walls or ceilings inside your home or the siding on the outside of your home, needs to be properly cleaned so that the new layer of paint will look its best.

Unless prepared properly the new coat of paint you just applied will fail sooner than you expected which will in turn cost you more money to re-apply it later.

Outside surfaces may need to have chalk deposits removed,scrapping and sanding to remove old paint or caulking to seal up certain areas. Paint prep is the most labor intensive par of the painting job but is the most important. It must be done to ensure that the foundation for the new paint job is smooth and clean.

Productive Painting can repair walls and ceilings to their original texture. We are experienced in all methods of paint prep including, power washing, sanding and scraping, and feather sanding. We are trained in the proper disposal of all products and promise to keep safety our top concern.

Productive Painting uses only the best methods and products in paint prep. We work to ensure that our painting projects provide the best color retention and adhesion. Call us today to help you prepare your homes surfaces inside and out for your painting project. We want your paint job to look just how you pictured it and we are here to help.