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Wallpaper removal services for your home or office are one of the services we offer. Wallpaper; just like paint may become outdated with time. Whether you decide to decorate the area with a fresh coat of paint or hang a new wallpaper our team can service your needs. Wallpaper removal unlike other home or office improvements requires patience and skill.

Removing the paper requires defined steps to ensure damage is not made to the walls. The surface is scraped carefully with a mixture of hot water and an enzyme based product to ensure the wallpaper peels, surface areas that do leave a crack or gouge will be addressed. In certain situations where the walls were not properly prepared before hanging the wallpaper, it may be more difficult to remove. If the wallpaper was applied directly to the bare drywall, drywall may become damaged in the process of removing wallpaper. In this situation, best option may be is to prime over the existing wallpaper, then skim coat the walls with drywall mud or joint compound.

If you choose the option to paint once the wallpaper has been removed we take the proper steps to ensure the paint job comes out correctly. We will rinse down the walls; apply a coat of oil base sealer to cover any paste residue left behind.