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If you are using wood in any way inside or outside you home you should strongly consider using a wood stain. Because wood has a naturally beautiful look many people think that staining is an unnecessary step. Staining your wood has several benefits both functional and pleasing to the eye. Why leave your woodwork unprotected?

There are many instances in which your wood will be exposed to water, whether it be your wooden siding, wooden deck or even the occasional spill on your wooden floors. Water and wood do not mix well and water can cause severe damage to your wood like rotting. Once wood rots there is no quick fix and it will have to be replaced. Staining the wood will protect it by creating a waterproof barrier between water and your wood.

Staining wood can also provide a beautiful color to enhance the natural grain and texture of wood. However if color is not what your design plans include there are stains available that are clear and only preserve and highlight the natural beauty of the wood. Let our professionals help you to reconstruct or redesign the wood work inside and outside your home.

Productive Painting can provide the quality wood staining of your choice. We take our time in preparing the wood surface before we begin the application process. There are several different types of wood stains on the market and Productive Painting can assist you in choosing the product that will work best for the look that you are trying to achieve.

Our professional staff is dedicated to helping you achieve the home that you want. Specializing in wood staining for all your wooden surfaces Productive Painting wants to be your professional service provider.